Thread: Prospect Info: OKC Barons 2013/14
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12-09-2013, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
Larsen is incredibly overrated. He skates very fast and makes a few nice passes, not much else. He was groomed in the Dallas system anyway.
Pitlick looked good in a few games, doesn't really mean much. He accomplished virtually nothing in OKC. Lets see if he can become an NHL regular, the jury is still out on him.
Arcobello looks ok but he's not really a part of the future of this team IMO.
Hartikainen and Rajala are currently playing overseas.
Omark is not an NHL prospect anymore.
I actually like Lander but he is only now starting to discover some offensive touch after a couple of stagnant seasons in OKC. Will he be any more than a 4th line center? I'm not so sure.
Marincin is ok but it's not like he has taken big steps forward over the past few seasons.
Who can you point to and say that the player was successfully developed through the farm system? Is there even one overachiever in the group, just one?
The idea of a farm system is to develop players for NHL readiness and the farm system has churned out very few NHL successes. Petry looks like the only one thus far, possibly Arcobello as well. Most of the others have been swings and misses.
Most of our talent jumped straight into NHL. If the Oilers sent Yak back to Juniors last year and let him develop some more in AHL this year he would have been a good player to come through the system. To say that Oilers ruined guys like Plante, Teubert, Hamilton and all other busts is not a fair comment. These guys will suck no matter where they go..

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