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Originally Posted by Splitbtw View Post
Both what I have read and the weave, as well as prior experience with the one95 blade.

I am not aware they made any other blades other than what is offered on the Apx, Nexus and T1 lines as well as the one95 that pops up on these pro stocks.
My store received a shipment of around 600 pro stock Bauer T1 sticks a few months ago. In each batch of a particular player's order, there is an envelope from the OEM with a slip of paper inside outlining the Player, Team, Curve/Blade and Construction.

You would see your typical G3s, R32s, O33s, C, D etc. But a great many of the sticks that had visible two piece constructions with the 3K weave were actually built with One90 blades, NOT One95s. I haven't seen any with a One95 blade designation (though C29 and 28s were there, indicating true One95s). Keep in mind that (iirc) the One95 and One90 blade weaves are similar visually.

I've heard the same stuff you have, but based on that large sample that I went through, I'm more inclined to believe that more One90 blades are used because they provide better pop. Having used both a One95 and a One90 construction extensively, I would also agree that One90 blades offer more pop than the One95s do.

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