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12-09-2013, 02:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Breakawayy View Post
Is it though? While i don't think Robbie is the guy to put that kind of money into, they've been spurned the last couple FA years by big hitters. They wanted to make a splash and knew they'd have to pay to do so. they just signed a new 2 billion dollar TV deal.

I don't know that it's the greatest move for the long run, but it certainly put them on the map and in the eyes of baseball fans, many of whom nearly forgot they exist.

It's never a bad thing to see teams reinvest in top notch players. It's the teams like the Astros and for years the Pirates that cut salary so low just to make a buck that I have a problem with.

The Astros were on par with minor league teams last season. They had a payroll of 21 million. Yet they were rewarded with the highest profit of any major league team.

Seeing teams that make no effort to reinvest in their on field product is disgusting and quite frankly should have their teams taken from them. 21 million! The NHL Salary floor is 44 million! Think about that for a second.
Crazy that an entire team's payroll can be less than the salary of one player.

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