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Originally Posted by NGgator60 View Post
The irony is that Bickel, Avery, Boogaard (at one time), Prust, and some of the other players that we'd consider to have been among the tougher Rangers throughout the recent years were some of the more popular players in the lockerroom and active on the NYC social scene. Of course their compadre often was Hank...
I think you just pointed out the difference between the type of guys teammates love having as opposed to the type of guys AV & Arnie seem to enjoy coaching.

My hunch is that AV is a statistician of a coach, a Jaques Martin in Post-Lockout II hockey. After watching ~35 games of his system, it seems to me that he views plays as odds. Meaning instead of collapsing, go skate over there because the likelihood of this happening as opposed to that.

It doesn't appear to be instinctive, and far more reactionary; based on decision making, both with the puck and without it, in addition reading their teammates and opponents. It's why the guys that can think as fast as they can make a play are doing well, and others not so much.

It's a different game and not a straight line game. There aren't elite level skaters and puck handlers on this team that can give 22+ Min and dominate the puck outside of Rick Nash, and Rick doesn't get Nashty every game now does he?

Teams can get away from playing a straight line game if the personnel is there to log 22 a night each. Then a coach can have them out there for most of the game in some form or another. OTT has 65, 19, 9. PIT 87, 71, 58, 14. WSH 19, 8, 52, 74. CHI 2, 88, 19, 81, 10.

Jared Cowen is struggling this year with the free flow system in OTT. Last year they chomped it down with Spezza and Karlsson missing most of the year, playing a simpler, tougher, more physical straight line game. It worked out okay for them considering the circumstances.

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