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Originally Posted by HatTrick Swayze View Post
We have 2 dmen that have looked good playing man.

Very few teams in the NHL play man.

Solution: trade all dmen.

Makes perfect sense. I have no doubt Sather agrees.
I agree 100% with this post. You know your hockey.
The guy who is in trouble is Ulf. The best move he and this team can make is adjust back to zone and take advantage of the strengths of his personnel. At this point his system is making them look "underperforming" to the masses.

Originally Posted by silverfish View Post
Shooting (I can probably go back and quote about 6,000 posts from members of this board about DZ not being able to hit water if he fell out of a submerged submarine, etc...)
So you make up your mind based on what 6000 posts said or you do some fact checking on your own?
Those 6000 posts and yours are wrong.

SA16 did some excellent work to dispel this fiction
Here is a compilation of his work which was removed from the open DZ thread for some reason ...
The jest of it is DZ shot accuracy is about average for the NHL. Big surprise isn't it?
Originally Posted by SA16 View Post
Found at iFenwick is total shots attempted minus blocked shots - so essentially anything shot high or wide.

For defenseman last year who attempted at least 48 shots while at 5 on 5 (I'd rather all situations but it seems this site won't let me do that?).

1. Roman Josi 85.9% (78 attempts 67 SOG)
127 (last). Bryan Allen 46.94% (49 attempts 23 SOG)

37. Stralman 71.79% (78 attempts 56 on goal)
40. McDonagh 71.43% (105 attempts 75 on goal)
58. Del Zotto 68.89% (90 attempts 62 on goal)
111. Girardi 59.79% (97 attemptps 58 on goal)

Average:67.95% (6105 shots 8985 on goal)

Thanks for this site -31-. Amending my previous data to now include ALL situations and for players with at least 48 attempts (now I have only 96 players instead of 127? Not sure how that is unless either I filtered something wrong before or for some reason these sites have different data [maybe they had different filters based on showing players based on games played or TOI] but in any case it won't change the conclusions - just the sample)

1. Hunwick 82.6% (69 attempts 57 on goal)
96. Hamhuis 59.4 (105 attempts 62 on goal)

26. Stralman 73.3% (90 attempts 66 on goal)
41. McDonagh 70.1% (117 attempts 83 on goal)
78. Del Zotto 66.3% (122 attempts 81 on goal)
84. Girardi 63.8% (127 attempts 81 on goal)

Average: 69.8% (10240 attempts 7147 on goal)

The only conclusion I can make here is it looks like DZ really struggles with his shot on the powerplay while at even strength he is relatively fine. Hard to say much based on only 32 PP attempts (maybe slightly less due to possible shorthanded attempts) Unfortunately extraskater doesn't have data prior to last year so I can't go check his whole career

Edit: Difference in sample size is because extraskater filters for min 36 games last year.
Pietrangelo: 62% (150 attempts 93 on goal)
Byfuglien: 71.2% (198 attempts 142 on goal)
Doughty: 67.5% (169 attempts 114 on goal)
Subban:: 75% (168 attempts 128 on goal)

One thing to note is these guys shoot A LOT more. Obviously do not take this data as 100% accurate and meaningful because it's still small sample size but it's the best we have to work with. It's just numbers reflecting what happened last year not showing what will happen.

For ease you can get all the data here: Just take FF and Shots and do Shots/FF for shot on goal%.
Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
His entire game is better. Defense, offense. Everything.
Very informative post. Here is my sophisticated counter:
DZ's entire game is better. Defense, offense. Everything. Now what?

Originally Posted by Breakawayy View Post
MDZ was better last year and has been better this year. That said, I have higher hopes for Moore since he is still relatively fresh into the league.

So ceiling wise, I believe Moore>MDZ, but it's close.

Currently, MDZ>Moore and it's not close. Moore should be sent down. I'd like to see McIlrath get his cup.
Pretty reasonable post. I question why Moore's ceiling > DZ's but we are allowed to have differing opinions.

I think should be playing on the right side, that's what he was doing in Columbus. Others on other boards are making the argument that he should be a forward.

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