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Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
Even Philly. I turned down my seats. Wasn't paying $200 each to sit in the lower deck and have to watch the game on the jumbro-tron.
I declined Winter Classic tickets in Philly, too as well. The trip after everything factored in was just not worth it, imo. Considering how the game ended, sure, I made a bone-head move -- I would have seen an awesome game. Howvever, I still wasn't going to shell out that kind of dough for the privilege of being tolled by four difference agencies, pay for gas, and need to worry about getting vomited on, or worse, finding charred remains of my car in the parking lot b/c it has NY plates on it. It didn't feel right, and I do not judge anyone for not shelling out that kind of money.

Originally Posted by patnyrnyg View Post
Honestly, I do not think the name of the game has any bearing. We were never going to get a Rangers-Isles or Rangers-Devils "winter classic". NBC has said they want two separate large markets.
TV aside, the Rangers will never be the host for a Winter Classic. That would be a regular season home game outside of Madison Sq Garden, and the City would use that event as a breach of contract to take away the Garden's property tax reduction and Con Ed subsidies. Never gonna happen, sad to write.

Secondly, how many Rangers, Isles, Devils fans would make the trip to Ann Arbor for the Wings-Leafs game if we weren't having these outdoor games? Not too many. Likewise, how many Wings, Leafs, Pens, BHawks, Kings, or Ducks fans would be coming here if they weren't involved in their own outdoor games? Not too many I would think.
Slim to none.


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