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12-09-2013, 05:26 PM
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Originally Posted by c4rcy View Post
ACHA is a different animal than NCAA D1. I played for Cal's ACHA Division 2 team with UCLA, Stanford, Oregon, Arizona State, USC, San Jose State, and other teams for a few years during my attendance there.

The largest difference other than the skill level is that ACHA is club, and NCAA is sponsored by the school.

While ACHA is considered club hockey, the top end ACHA talent has, I would say equivalent skill to some NCAA Division 3 college programs. The Division you play in (1,2,3) is usually some factor of your team's prior winning history, as well as other surrounding schools in your Division.

In general, it is hard to bring NCAA-level talent to California or other Pacific schools in the North and it is hard for schools to justify sponsorship of another division 1 sport (since schools already operate on thin budgets as we know). Division 1 hockey in California, if to exist, would not until a minimum of 10+ years have passed.
One more potential issue would be title 9. So if they added NCAA hockey, they would also have to add (fund) some other women's sport.

Originally Posted by TheJoeMan View Post
The PAC-12 isn't relevant to any potential hockey teams. Until the Big Ten joined D-I hockey, none of the major NCAA conferences had anything to do with hockey. If anything we might need both UCLA and USC to join as a means of having at least a rival/local opponent. You have to start somewhere.
I didn't mean the actual PAC-12. Just that at least some of those schools would be natural fits for a conference. You would prefer geographically close schools with similar status. Otherwise it would be a boatload of travel, which is expensive.

I wonder which would be more likely in California. D1 NCAA hockey or AAA level minor league hockey. They keep founding ECHL teams, but they keep folding. The same happens with AHL teams which move west (they don't even get to California).

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