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12-09-2013, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by snarktacular View Post
One more potential issue would be title 9. So if they added NCAA hockey, they would also have to add (fund) some other women's sport.

I didn't mean the actual PAC-12. Just that at least some of those schools would be natural fits for a conference. You would prefer geographically close schools with similar status. Otherwise it would be a boatload of travel, which is expensive.

I wonder which would be more likely in California. D1 NCAA hockey or AAA level minor league hockey. They keep founding ECHL teams, but they keep folding. The same happens with AHL teams which move west (they don't even get to California).
Women's hockey could work if Men's hockey was supported. Former Junior Duck and Laguna Hills native Anne Pankowski made the US Olympic roster this year (first California trained player to play in the Winter Olympics). So the market certainly has enough talent from a women's perspective.

And @Sojourn, it would likely have to be UCLA / USC from a marketing perspective (heck, USC even has ice girls, lol). The rivalry plus gravitational pull from both teams would be monumental to starting D1 hockey in this area.

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