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Originally Posted by The Dark Passenger View Post
I have a Easton Mako, 85 Flex, Hall Curve and I hate it. Can't get anything on my shot (primarily take wrist/snap shots).

Broke two APXs (87 flex, Kane Curves) within a span of 4 months, loved those sticks.

Looking to get a similar type stick, don't want to spend a fortune, and all the retail websites are sold out of the Kane curve APX. Any recommendations would be great.

Also, anyone ever heard of this?:

Thanks for the help.
The specs are literally copy and pasted from the now defunct Combat Pure stick. If my theory is correct, then I'll react with "So THAT'S where they all went!"

It was a really good stick, though you could do better than $200 and find something that's a known commodity.

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