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01-07-2007, 11:57 AM
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Well good news, it wasn't the skates that were making my experience horrible it was the sharpening. I went to the skate shop that I usually go to, not where I bought the skates, and had them sharpen them. Went to public skate after that and they are great. Granted, there is a learning curve I'll have to get used to. I'm not really confident in them yet, but though it's awkward it's 10000 times better than my last time out on them.

I'm curious as to why the original experience was so bad. I had to put a huge amount of force to be able to get the blade to start to turn a little (like, when you know the blade has caught so you can start your stop). Trying to pivot from forwards to backwards skating was basically impossible. I don't know if they were never sharpened (though I would think never sharpening them would have the opposite effect and be really slippery), or if the guy that sharpened them sharpened them way to much? I can't imagine anyone would sharpen a skate the way they were intentionally. I'm just curious to prevent this from happening again, it was a miserable experience. Thanks all.

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