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Originally Posted by flyershockey View Post
Jake hasn't been anything close to a star player this year. He's skating, sometimes, but not doing much else. It takes a whole line to produce points. Giroux can't be expected to carry two other guts who are playing like crap. There are very few players in the league that are capable of doing that for an entire game, let alone an entire season.

You can hate in Neal and Kunitz all you want, but they would both be our best wingers right now, and they're both capable of doing a lot more than piggy backing the super stars they play with. Hartnell is the definition of a complimentary winger. The only asset he offers to Giroux is his occasionally good shot. He's average to below average in every other facet of the game. Jake has the skill set, but he's pissing it away at this point. I said it last week, but if he doesn't get more consistent, he'll be a Viktor Kozlov-like player in the sense that he's always leaving you wanting more out of him.
You get Giroux with a finisher and watch what happens. This guy if not traded (which is always possible with this team) will go down as one of the top 3 Flyers of all time. He's that good. Voracek is a great 2nd line player but he's no goal scorer and he's killing that line. Hartnell has actually been playing better lately its Voracek its like he's in his own universe (Bryz referance). Homer's priorities are clear find a 1st line winger and find a top 2 dmen under 30. Oh and get rid of Streit

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