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12-09-2013, 11:56 PM
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Moore has regressed and it's disappointing considering how he looked at the end of last season. Even then he wasn't great, but you could see the potential. Now he just looks lost. He is a player who would've benefited greatly from playing under Tortorella for a year or two, the same way Stralman did.

As it stands right now Moore is a great skater, that's about it. He makes bad reads, jumps up into the play at the wrong time pretty often, carries the puck with tunnel vision and consistently gets beaten in his own zone.

Del Zotto is significantly better than Moore at this point in time. Anyone who thinks otherwise is simply blinded by their dislike for Del Zotto. His mistakes are magnified to some of you, while Moore makes the same mistakes and often times many more, yet some think he is the better player.

He has the tools, but so far he's been a disappointment. I honestly feel bad for Del Zotto. He is better defensively by a mile and is better offensively as well, yet he gets put on the right side and he gets scratched.

Some of you see Moore skate the puck through the neutral zone and take a slap shot into the goalie or wide and say "wow Moore looks so good, he's a great offensive talent" when all I see is a guy who is skating with tunnel vision, always missing the opportunity to hit an open man on the rush and making poor decisions.

And if I see one more poster commenting about how Girardi is exposed by AV's system and then say that Moore looks good I'm going to lose it. He's a great skater and that's about it at this point in time. Girardi hasn't been nearly as bad as many on here make him out to be.

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