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12-10-2013, 05:06 AM
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Originally Posted by OiledUp View Post
This keeps getting thrown around. He missed most of last season. He did not however miss most of the 11/12 season. I don't know where this came from but it's just plain wrong. I'd say 11/12 was Klefboms big season as far as development goes, he took massive leaps, so it was certainly not a lost season it was actually the other way around.

Maybe the misunderstanding that Klefbom missed a lot of the 11/12 season comes from people looking at the number of SHL games he played, 33, and thinks he missed a lot of that season. Thing is the number of games during the regular season are lower in the SHL than in the NHL/AHL, SHL only plays 55 games during the regular season.

The 11/12 season Klefbom played 33 out of 55 regular season games, so he missed 22 SHL games, but then you have to remember he started out the season playing mainly with Färjestads junior team where the frequency of games is even lower, I think it's around 45 games a season. In juniors he logged 15 games.
Add to that 12 international games and his total number of regular season games in 11/12 is 60 which is around where a guy sharing his time between the SHL and juniors should end up. I think he got banged up a few times that year but he didn't miss any substantial amount of time. And as I said that season was huge for his development so any smaller injuries that might have occured sure didn't hurt his play.

I'm surprised you of all people IATL who usually rags on people for sharing misinformation could make such a mistake. Shame on you, know go watch some Oil Kings!

About Klefboms play this season I think we need to give him a bit more than 20 or so games on NA soil before we can evaluate him properly. He missed most of last season(and no more than that), he's getting used to the smaller ice, he's a 20 year old in his first year away from home.
I'm guilty of maybe being a bit to high on him coming into this season, I underestimated how much the injury set him back, I thought(hoped) that he'd just need to shake off some rust for 15-20 games and then be back to old form. Clearly I was wrong, he hasn't looked like the player he was the weeks leading up to the injury, the player that really blew me and the pretty much the rest of hockey sweden away. Because that player truly was close to NHL ready. Just superb defensively, own zone decision making that none on our current d core can match, great outlet passes, great at skating the puck up ice.
I really hope he can get back to that level of play and then some, I'm certainly not ready to give up on him yet.

Also as I've stated many times before, if anyone is hoping for a flashy, offensive d-man who puts up big numbers they'll be disappointed. He's a big minute, defense first guy. He's the kind of guy you put with J.Schultz to make Justin look like an all star. Any points Klefbom will put up will be due to playing big minutes and making good first passes, basically 2nd assists and the occasional slapper. If he suddenly adds an actual offensive element watch out.
For some reason I thought he had missed significant time the year before last, thanks for correcting me. As per the bolded, Im not so sure.

Oscar Klefbom -13 in his last 13 games. Interesting stat.

— Lowetide (@Lowetide_) December 8, 2013

Way too early to be saying stuff like that. It is what we hope for, but it for sure remains to be seen if that will be the case.

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