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12-10-2013, 05:17 AM
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Originally Posted by GermanJetsFan View Post
We don't know much about the situation either.

Fact is: Burmistrov was in quite the dog house during last season under Noel. He was given tough competition and used as a role-player. No PP time at all.
He still did a pretty good job as a shut-down 3rd line center but couldn't produce as much as we hoped. But when playing with 1st line to 2nd line linemates, his production always instantly went up. We have stats about this on our board somewhere (search for posts from Garret about Burmistrov)

Rumours said that only Antropov could speak to him off the ice because he didn't want to listen to coaches or especially Noel. A lot of people don't give much into that rumour because it's not matching at all with his behaviour on the ice and in interviews. It's not something Burmistrov seems to be like, regarding his character and work ethic.

Anyway, there is no chance, IMO, the Jets give him away for low value. Why should they? He's doing exactly what we hoped: Playing good in the KHL, getting a lot of TOI and he started to produce (GP 35 G 8 A 19 P 27).

IMO, there are two possibilities:

1. He comes back to the Jets in summer, everyone start with a breeze of fresh air and move along with a more confident Burmistrov.... Or Noel is fired after missing the playoffs again and he comes back anyway. However, scenario is the same.

2. He comes back to the NHL but not to the Jets because bridges have been burned. Let's say he continues to play like he does and finishes about 15-20 overall in KHL scoring, I'm sure plenty of teams would be ALL over him to get his rights in summer. Remember, he just turned 22 in October and is going to hit RFA. His value would be quite high with a couple of teams may starting a "bidding war".

I think the earliest to start thinking about trading for him would be after the KHL season came to the end. It depends on what his opinion about the whole situation will be when the season is over and he has time to think about the next season.

He signed a one-year contract for AK Bars, btw.
If scenario 2 happened. The value of Burmistrov is going to be really low....and it's gonna suck for the jets.
There are a couple of reasons:
1. Winnipeg basically has no leverage as they are merely holding on to a "dead weight player" that doesn't want to play for them.
2. There is higher probability and a fear that Burmistrov will flee back to the KHL whenever a team fails to please him. This would scare a lot of gms away and the fear will be stronger since he is Russian.
3. His character will be constantly questioned. These rumours (true or not) will definitely hurt his value.
4. This article shows that Winnipeg has tried to deal Burmistrov and apparently failed to get anything of value -

Quote from article:
"Yet, Cheveldayoff failed to swing a deal, leaving the Jets with nothing in return for what GMs like to call an asset."

5. Burmistrov won't sign a contract in this scenario which would severely hinder his value even more.... You would only be acquiring the rights of the player.

I'm not sure how much worth Gms put in getting points in other leagues. It doesn't necessarily translate to the smaller NHL rinks and style of play but he is a top pick so Burmistrov will probably get a chance to prove himself in the NHL but his previous production is rather disappointing for such a high pick.

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