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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
the ton of youth are mostly set on third and fourth lines - which in this day and age could be akin to AHLers. They're defensively responsible grinders, mostly. That's not too impressive.

But that's not all Renney - Sather put together a team in which he could have only x veterans anyways, and he uses them as his top forwards and mostly as top defensemen. That may be the best they have, but to say 'tons of youth' implies something different.

Also, the scoring comes from four vets. The bottom two lines have how many goals in the last 10 games? Several with zero all season.
I don't know, Tyutin is a top D, Lundqvist is the starting goalie, Prucha is on the 2nd line. To be honest I don't get your talk about Sather and X veterans at all, Prucha are getting ice time ahead of allot of vets, Lundqvist ahead of Weekes, and Tyutin ahead of Ozo, Kaspar, Malik and Rachunek. I know who often makes that arguement, and you know better then to listen to him... Guys who come here fresh must wonder what da heck you are talking about quit frankly.

I am pretty sure that there aren't any prospect left out by Renney that could have made a impact on a top line.

IMO there is a argument to be made the Renney have rushed the kids, see Dawes and maybe even Kondratiev, defenitly not the other way around. It defenitly seems right now that Nigel should have been left off the team at the start of the season, he weren't ready and failing have obviously hurt his confidence. Lets say Dawes were left in HFD, and brough up for the first time a few weeks ago, its possible that he might have made a bigger impact, he is pretty close in terms of talent. Drats were also given a spot pretty fast, maybe if he were kept in HFD/Russia one year longer he might really have made a impact this season. He had a helluva PO run for Anaheims farm team last spring...

I would very much have liked to see Kondratiev make his NHL debut this season next to Rachunek on the 3rd pairing. So its possible we lost another one there again because we rushed the kids.

This isn't a successful 'team'.
Thats kind of my point. I am not saying that he got a ton of work with. Though he is getting very much out of very little. Nobody can argue with that. Look at some of the teams not even close to the PO's.

If you go back 2 years, our top prospects are playing in the NHL, all but Kondratiev and Montoya. There weren't anyone who were ready, Dawes and Immonen got close, but quite frankly thoose two have never been among our top prospects.

Now we got Korpikoski, Staal, Montoya, Dubinsky and Callahan who defenitly will make a push next season, and have completly diffrent potential then Dawes and Immonen, atleast the first 4.

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