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Originally Posted by Knight View Post
I'm rocking some dirt cheap Bauer Vapor X:20s right now, because I love the vapor fit. I have grippy stick, and I really like the grip feel with my bare hands. With my gloves on, I barely notice it, and I find it's relatively hard to get a good hard grip on the stick to flex it into the ice.

I'm wondering if my bottom-of-the-barrel gloves are worth upgrading for a better grip.


Thank you oh wise HF members
It wouldn't be a bad idea to upgrade or to even get your gloves you have now re-palmed. If you like that natural feel with your bare hands I recommend checking around to find the thinnest palm material. That way you will have as close to the bare handed feel as you can get, while keeping your fingers safe and protected in your glove.

Just a thought, I'm sure others have great ideas too.


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