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12-10-2013, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Blurt Vision View Post
The current Richards at 6.6 moving forward seems kind of worth it. Especially in light of Callahan's alleged potential to crack 6M in his next contract. Statsny ought to crack 7M. Pretty sure he's not worth that.

I'm hoping after the next lockout the cap recapture problem is negotiated away. Of course more (favored) teams will also have to be seeking relief (like, say, Chicago).
This is what I have been saying.

RIchards is a proven (not the best, but proven) #1C for $6.6M...
Q) What does $6.6M buy you on the free agency market?
A1) David Clarkson
A2) Ryan Callahan (presumably)

Q) Is that answer sufficient for our team?
A) No, another David Clarkson will not fix anything, and as a matter of fact will produce a fraction of what Richards has produced, even in his HORRIFIC 12-13 campaign

Q) Is Richards worth the risk?
A) Personally, I say yes... Others will say no, but those are my thoughts

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