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Originally Posted by Devil X View Post
This hit all the perfect points, it should be then end of this (IMO) stupid discussion.

Trading Larrson for anything less then a proven NHL forward is just dumb.

Larrson is 21 y/o and as was said above has the D end of his game down very well, much better then most other 21 y/o do.

If we start talking about a proven player someone who will be here long term and Larrson becomes a part of that package i might listen. But not for any of the Oliers players discussed. They are not what we need. We dont need someone who could burn out just as easily as becoming a star. Larrson is a middle pairing Dman NOW!!! Some wouldnt even put Yak on a 2nd line! I would rather have Larrson remain the player he is now then run the risk of losing Larrson and have Yak flame out and be nothing. PROVEN PIECES is what you move a 21 y/o Dman like Larrson not possibilities.
Posters with the same comment you just made aren't in touch with reality when making a trade at the NHL level.

Name me one sane Gm who would trade a proven stud who isn't about to bolt via free agency for a prospect with some potential? I want you or any other poster that's living in a fantasy world to name me one trade where a team forked forward a stud who isn't about to hit UFA status for a unproven player.

If there's one example that is borderline comparable to what you and several other posters are expecting from such a move, I'll turn the page and acknowledge "defeat" but I don't think you'll be able to find anything.

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