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01-24-2004, 08:52 PM
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Originally Posted by #37-#93-#27
I thought he rebuilt the system and only made great trades.
things aren't working i can see that. dude i'm rangers fan just like you this team just lost 9-1. i don't get paid to suger-coat this. i see this isn't working. hey you loved the jagr trade just as much as me. i think its time for sather to go. sometimes things don't work out in sports. look at the 92 mets they had all the talent in the world and should have won 100 games. you know there story, they sucked. i still think sather had all the right motives when he made all the moves he did. lets face it sather is going to be known more by what has happened with the rangers more than anything he did with the oilers. do you think he wanted to fail? i don't think supporting an organization is wrong. i'm proud i supported sather until this point but its time for him to go. if he is fired is the team in better shape than when he took over? nobody will know the answer to that for a few years. so yes i think he should be fired. my guess is keenan will be the coach for mondays game and sather will remain the gm.

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