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Originally Posted by Machinehead View Post
AV didn't gave anybody that type of responsibility and money. Cigarface did.
And guess who is AV's boss? Cigarface.

Sather calls the shots. After Sather signed Lundqvist to that contract he was saying Lundqvist is the face of the franchise, it's still his team, and Lundqvist will still be here long after AV is gone. So, if AV knows whats good for him, he needs to play ball with Sather.

Even IF Lundqvist was abysmal the rest of the year, he would still be the undeniable starter, because Sather would refuse to admit he made a mistake giving Lundqvist that contract, and AV would still need to play ball.

And get back to me when Talbot has one challenging game. His shutouts against MTL and NSH were as easy as they come. Lundqvist gets more challenged in net by the SABRES. I'm not high on Talbot yet because I haven't seen him truly "tested." When the Rangers played one mediocre game in front of him he let up four goals, and two of them were extremely stoppable. Even his game against the Canucks where he was peppered with 37 shots, he faced limited chances, and it was a pretty easy game. I'd love to see Talbot start one game like the one last night against the Capitals, or a game against the Penguins or Bruins where they get legitimate chances. Fans will be signing a very different tune than.

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