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12-10-2013, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Powdered Toast Man View Post
I never mentioned Larsson. I am a Canadian Senators fan that was born and raised in Ottawa. I have never met a Russian or an Oilers fan.

What rose colored glasses?
I was speaking generally. Sorry. Only the first part was for you . I have a bad habit of rambling.

Originally Posted by ManofSteel55 View Post
Media Lesson #1, pay attention. Media sources (Your Ms. Ireland is notorious for this) rarely report a full quote. It's easier and works better to use a shorter clip. Especially when in one sentence, there is something that is said that could be seen as controversial without the remainder of the sentence. I wish I had the soundbyte to show you the full quote, not just this journalists hacked up version of it, but I don't. They played it on TSN1260 a few times though.

The short of it is this. Don't take everything you read from a journalist to be the gospel. This is a perfect example of a reporter "TMZ'ing" something to get a buzz story, rather than reporting the facts.
I completely agree and I admit I am certainly not as familiar with your media as you are.

If you have the full sound clip, I'd love to hear it. If you do not, then I have to go by what I have. I can't take your word for that. Because you might be a little biased, naturally, when defending your stud prospect. We all would be.

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