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Originally Posted by sd1976 View Post
LOL. Bieksa has only gotten close to a full season once in the last 5 years and he still missed a few games in that one.

Please do some research before making stupid comments.

2008 - 72 gp
2009 - 55 gp
2010 - 66 gp
2011 - 78 gp
2012 - 36 of 48 gp

Not exactly the picture of health now is it?

While correct in the statement that Lupul is injury prone is correct, Bieksa is far from a lock to anything more than 70 games a season. In fact, he averages 80% games played to a full season in the last 5 years.

If you take out Lupul's one catastrophic blood infection issue, he is very close to that number as well.
Do some research? So you were serious after all

Doing some "research" you'll find out what his injuries were.

The two big chunks of missed time were a broken leg from a shot block, and a lacerated calf. He had a lacerated calf in 2008 as well. The only other non full season was last season with a groin injury. So only one of those injuries wasn't an accident.

Lupul? Here's a list of his injuries and I'll let people that have some brain cells decide which one of these players is injury prone (if you even know what that term means)

List of injuries where the player missed significant time:

Lacerated Calf
Broken foot
Lacerated Calf
Groin strain


Broken wrist
Sprained ankle
Abdominal injury
Back injury- later requiring back surgery- missed 52 games
Back injury missed 28 more games next season
Separated shoulder
Forearm injury
Groin strain

Talk about stupid comments

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