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01-24-2004, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by jl.roberts
Alright. Everyone off of the bandwagon please. Now, hurry up. All clear? Alright than...


C'mon people, it's two games. Who cares if we were bad, things work that way. Up and down, down and up. With our roster, the whole season isn't going to be one even plane. There'll be nights when we look awful, and nights when everything goes our way. Unfortunately, we decided to stink it up against two very good teams that we all love to hate. The wins will come back, and before everyone goes saying Koivu sucks, how do we know there's not some sort of injury that he's battling, too? Nothing's going to last forever, same thing goes for this slump. Buffalo is getting an asskicking.
very well said, i love the habs and like a true fan like most of us are we stuck through them for many bad years, this is just two games, most the habs fans in here sound like hormone boosted pregnant chicks.
be a true habs fan a drink your self till you forget this game.
ps. yea koivu's vision seems to be off the last two games but wouldnt give up on our captain for that reason.

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