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12-10-2013, 06:01 PM
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Originally Posted by easternrefugee View Post
This is TOTAL garbage.

1. Bako played in LV on Friday night and was back for the game on Saturday.
2. The storm had been announced since Monday. it was NO surprise
3. If Bako could make it back then certainly LV could have followed and made the proper plans.
4. EVERY year LV tries to pull this stunt when they have a home game on the following Sunday. Last year they complained for two hours to the league and finally they were told to play or forfeit.

If this was an unexpected weather hazard then fine. it was not. Bako should get the two points due to LV's lack of proper planning.
So what you are saying is the Wranglers should have left the night before, incurred extra costs of staying in a hotel and per diems, and then got stranded the next day and have to cancel their own home game? That sounds like good business. And you are also saying that they knew Highway 58 was going to be closed, I guess they are psychics now. And we all know meteorologists are always right. Why would they avoid playing Bakersfield, the only team in the west with a worse record than them? After all, Bakersfield can't even keep their ice in good shape. I am sure that is what you are referencing about the 2 hour delay. I was at that game and you could physically see ripples in the ice. I'm surprised anyone would want to play on that.

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