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12-10-2013, 06:07 PM
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Originally Posted by ThePSEGPowerPoster View Post
A professional scout said that if he doesn't change he's not going to make it in the NHL. Yakupov says he's going to try much harder and continue playing his game but says, and i quote "i'm not going to change my game."

He's struggling mightily right now. My point is that because of the above reasons no team in their right mind is going to pay a premium for a player that some scouts (heck his own national team's scouts) say may not even end up making it.

For the Devils, specifically, he's a no go. The system we play and the demands of our organization + 19 year old Yak are incompatible.

I do not believe he has reached his ceiling nor do I believe he is a lost cause. But when speaking of his value right now, I don't pay the price I would pay if he didn't have those concerns.

Again, I'm not leaving anything out. And I'll go back to the original sources on each article.

1. Yakupov's statements:

These are his statements to the original reporter, Joanne Ireland. I bolded the relevant part.

2. Russian Scout:

The short of it is. If he doesn't change his game, he has no NHL future. Yak says he doesn't want to change his game, thinks if he plays HIS game better he will improve.


Since he's struggling I'm siding with the scout and I'm not paying Larsson, a kid who has no red flags to speak of right now, for him.
Excellent post!
Some people treat Larsson like he wuz Hedman, which is not true.
Still Larsson is bonafide.

I think Yak is bonafide as a sniper, which is why I would consider the right package for him to Rangers, given that is a need for us.

But sniper at this point is all he offers, and there is risk if he is in the wrong system.

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