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01-24-2004, 09:12 PM
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Ok let me preface by saying we lost fair and square to the leafs and by no means what I'm going to say has any link with the loss of tonight.

Last season we kept hearing about the famous crackdown on obstruction. We all knew what would happen. More penalties in the first half, and gradually less and less until the end. This is exactly what happened. But AT LEAST they tried. This season we heard nothing about a crackdown and it was bad from the get go. And the bad thing is that it's getting worse.

Absolutely terrible job by the referees in the Habs-TO game. For both sides. There were tons of obvious calls that were missed, some that had no business being called and ... just horrible.

And what's up with the new trend of awarding a penalty shot each game ? Have the referees got orders from the NHL to give more of them cuz it's more "exciting" ?

From year to year it's getting worse and worse.

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