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12-10-2013, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by dookie88 View Post
The best player in the world makes $8.7m per year.
Giroux will make $0.425m less per year.
So really, there wasn't any reason to think this would get a lot higher. The upside for cap savings were far greater than the risks of having to pay even more.
Giroux had no reason to leave, even if negotiations would've started this season.
What do you think we could sign him for right now? I don't think we'd have to go over $7.5m per.
So you're mad that Homer might have overpaid the captain and face of the franchise by a couple hundred thousand. There's just no pleasing some people. He avoided having Giroux contract issues surround the team, he avoided having the potential for an offer sheet, he avoided the potential of Giroux having an even better year and have the asking price go higher. But he overpaid in your estimation by $725k for the captain and best player on the team. Fair enough.

Thanks for the hint.
You also don't have to explain to me how contracts in this sport work.
Hartnell is signed for $28.5m over six years. Don't really think $25m over 5 years or $22m over four years would've been infisible.
Hartnell is going to be a fourth line in 3 years. His kind of game tends to wear you down quick and he's in the league for a long time already. We are stuck with him. With a four year contract the chance to trade him increases dramatically.
I'm sure it would have been feasible to sign him to a higher cap hit for shorter term. I didn't say it wasn't. I'm just saying that you'd have him for potentially $5+ million per year instead of the $4.75 million. You're upset that Giroux got $725k too much, but you'd be ok with Hartnell making roughly the same amount more if it meant one or two year less?

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