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12-10-2013, 07:33 PM
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Originally Posted by TMLKesselftw View Post
Lupul's caphit is great... we're basically getting a guy that plays 60 games and comes with a caphit of 3.8m (because of LTIR). What's wrong with paying a guy 3.8m for 60 games at 60 pts, calling up a rookie that will cost ~300k for the next 20 games and put up 10 pts?

People dump on players who only play ~60 games too much. yeah it sucks, but if the player puts up 60pts and their replacement put ups 10pts in 22 games, that's basically like having a 70pt player....

Also, Lupul's suffered a lot of freak injuries and I'm not worried about re-occuring injuries at this point in his career (I think since he's become a Leaf he's dealt with a broken arm, broken/bruised leg or ankle, back spasms, and a hamstring injury. Yeah, I'd love for him to be injury-proof but I'm still very happy that he's on this team and wouldn't trade him for scraps (I wouldn't add to Lupul to get the Schenns as Lupul is pretty much equal to B. Schenn and L. Schenn doesn't have too much value at this point in his career).

Still wish the best for Luke, kid seems to have an awesome personality and I always liked him.
60 points in 60 games??? So Lupul is now a ppg player??? 132 games in TO, 118 points in those games. Since when did 118/132 = 1.0??? I guess it must tie to the exchange rate or something because here in the USA that's 0.89 ppg. Over 60 games that would be 53 points, not 60.

However, don't let the facts get in your way. Carry on.

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