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12-10-2013, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Phileeguy View Post
I'm with you there. I also enjoy it when Rob Ellis fills in for Glen during the Saturday morning show. Not really a fan of Gargano as I find him doltish and a bit of a stereotype, so I sometimes turn it off when he does his shtick. Dunno why they're pushing this "Goose" nickname on Glen when it seems to me that he feels ambivalent at best about it. Is "The Prof" really that stale?
Gargano is turning into an angry old Italian guy way too young (on some days). It's almost like Macnow talks hockey but knows he shouldn't. Like he has to sneak it in knowing the producers don't want him to. They have no interest in hockey on WIP. I guess they have some kind of ratings or just from the huge volume of ridiculously stupid Eagles fans.

Call WIP and say you think Vick should start on Sunday - you'll get right on the air and will probably get them to agree with you.

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