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12-10-2013, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Gert B Frobe View Post
Gargano is turning into an angry old Italian guy way too young (on some days). It's almost like Macnow talks hockey but knows he shouldn't. Like he has to sneak it in knowing the producers don't want him to. They have no interest in hockey on WIP. I guess they have some kind of ratings or just from the huge volume of ridiculously stupid Eagles fans.
On most days I can put up with a homer host. On most days I can put up with a guy that fawns over the local sports athletes when they're on as guests. On most days I can put up with a guy that talks about his kids every once in a while. I can't put up with a guy who is all 3 at once most days, which Gargano is. Just how I feel.

As for the hockey talk, let's face it in that you'll never get a good conversation about it for any length of time any day unless something crazy happens. Not when the Eagles/Phillies are in season. Heck, they don't even need to be in season to still dominate airtime. When the station had the Flyers you'd at least get some talk about hockey during the week around game-time, specifically when Macnow hosted nights solo. But since they've moved up the dial that's gone as well.

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