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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Reason to thread title ? is we don't have enough horses, and we are mostly unwilling to do what it takes to change that!

We have made great strides with last group of players and expect great things from draftees. But that takes time.

Most of you are unwilling to do the hard thing and trade some of our better guys while they are at optimum trade value for multiple assets which have potential to provide greater total talent. That is the ONLY way to accelerate what you earn with smart drafting. Case in point. Girardi. To lesser extent Staal. I suggested trading for top dollar when their value was highest.

Did you listen?
No, you crucified me with we are in win now mode and a lot of nonsense like that.

speed Kills. AV system based on speed.

certain Keep: McDonagh, Kreider, Lundqvist, Nash
almost certain keep: Miller, Fast, Lindberg, Skjei,
keep unless I am REALLY, REALLY overwhelmed: Stepan, Talbot, D. Moore
Make me a good offer, or I take my chances: Hagelin, Staal, Stralman, J. Moore, Del Zotto
Callahan, Boyle, Brassard, Zucarello are in the middle of these 2; Cally likely to bring enough to be worth dealing.
Actively take offers: Girardi, Falk, Dorsett (expect 3rd round value), Pouilott (cheaper, ok, I don't care), everybody else not named
Dump: Powe, Pyatt
none of the above applies, buy out required: Richards

The trouble is we need to bundle a guy like Stepan, with a guy like Staal, and something extra, for a guy like Seth Jones. You guys either don't want to go that big, or won't pay the price, or will move the wrong asset instead (Miller), and being a less valuable piece, would have to move multiples of Miller/equivalent instead of Staal.

I like Staal. But if the martians kidnapped him, Brassard has demonstrated that, with regular work and better linemates, while a downgrade, he is a down grade I can live with IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF IF a mega asset is returned.

If you TRULY want our team to improve, whether it is Stepan, Kreider, etc,, stop fighting me tooth and nail. Yield to the logic of the situation. Give up the instant gratification pipe dream, look to BUILD quickly. Then we can give the elite like the Hawks a run for their money.

prefer to look forward to:
Kreider - Miller - correct RW, probably Kristo
Miller is the only real speed C we have, and is LETHAL w/CK
Hags - Lindberg - Fast
However, I would consider moving Hagelin if it got some other deal over the top.

Stop asking the universe for other than our untouchables.
Top dollar for Stepan? Certainly.
But most others only command so much.

See if, having moved out enough vets, we can use taking on Tyler Myers at full half salary the entire length of balance of his deal as part of basis to get Ristolainen and high pick from Buffalo. (eg, 1st + for Staal, 1st for Girardi; add Ranger 1st; swap 3 firsts + for Risto + Buf 1st 2015 [so they can live with it, but it should still be a good pick, even still if it is next year] + Myers, who we can take a chance on as project at half price.

Jones is righty McD w/lesser def skills and better off skills currently. Get him for Stepan + while you still can, as long as the overpay is reasonable (Hagelin +, for example).
This whole bitter genius attitude is extremely off-putting. Some people just disagree with your evaluations of players or the wisdom or reality of your proposed trades. It's not that they "don't get it" or "aren't willing" to do something that literally not one of us have the power to do, they just disagree with you.

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