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12-10-2013, 09:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Imlach a cup View Post
So, being a Sabres fan, the season ended about a month ago and draft talk began mid August. Recently its heated up as the realization has set in that it will be a struggle to hit 20 wins this season. This all means we have an almost guaranteed top 2 pick. Yay us...

If current draft rankings hold true and Reinhart ends up the #1 pick at the draft, we end up staring at Aaron Ekblad.

Just the second player to be granted exceptional status in the OHL. Ekblad is a true "two-way" defenseman. He makes great passes, uses his size to his advantage, plays the body, quarterbacks the power play, can take over the game in any of the three zones and has great hockey sense.

The catch is that we currently have 5 potential top 4 D-men already on the roster. Drafting Ekblad would give us a 6th, forcing our hand into a trade. What we need are top 3 forwards younger than 25.

Inside Sabre nation we are torn, 1 faction believes you take Ekblad, he gets the inside track to being the #1 and you move Myers/Pysyk/Risto/Zadorov to bring in a top 6 forward. The second faction believes we need a top 3 forward regardless of who is available. The third faction believes Ekblad can be dealt for a top 3 forward under 25 who has more value then the crop of forwards available at picks 3-7, or at least collect a top 6 forward while moving down into the 3-7 range.

So what value is actually out there? Make a deal for Ekblad, Risto, Myers, Pysyk, Zadorov and send us back an equivalent forward under 25. Or would you take Draisaitl/Bennet/Nylander/Dal Colle at 2 and let Ekblad slide. Please notice Ehrhoff is not on this list, there are contract complications that make him virtually untradeable.
Take best player available.

The Sabres are a few years away from being a good team. Now is not the time to start plugging specific holes. Now is the time to simply just load up on good talent.

Even if they drafted Ekblad they don't need to deal another young D right away.

Having a plethora of young D simply creates some job competition right away and the Sabres will need someone to eat up the almost 20 minutes a night Tallinder is eating.

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