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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
If anything kills this rebuild, it will be the impatience of Ranger fans.
See, here's the thing, I don't even know why I posted in this thread in the first place, becasue now I feel like people think I'm upset with Renney simply because of how he has handled his youth. That's just not the case at all.

When we had our fire sale a couple of years ago, I was anxious to see how we would rebuild. I was looking forward to a Tampa Bay-style rebuild, where we sucked for years, waiting for our youth to develop together until they had the chemistry and talent to succeed, and then add veterans as necessary. Instead, I got a little bit of a youth infusion, coupled with the likes of Straka, Malik, Shanahan et al. It's not really what I was hoping for, or what I consider to be a rebuild. Too often the members of this board, myself obviously included, fall into a semantical argument about the word "rebuild." For the people like me, who never really saw a rebuild, we're not convinced that the current team will bring us a Cup within the next three years, and want to sell off our most valuable, older parts for what we consider a true rebuild. In my mind, and the mind of many others, Renney is not the coach and Sather not the GM to lead us through a transition of that degree. So while my viewpoint is often misconstrued as "impatient," for wanting to push the youth now, in reality I'm fully committed to patience, with the understanding that such a rebuild would lead to years of struggles before it paid off.

However, I recognize that this scenario isn't at all realistic. But I'm an idealist, and that's what I hope for. I try not to get into the "rebuild" thing too much, because obviously no one is changing the mind of anyone else.

My problems with Renney are largely separate from any youth-related issue. I do disapprove of how he has handled Prucha this season, and think he should have given Dawes a longer look. But there is not a team out there who hasn't had similar perceived slights against the players from the perspective of the fan base, so I'm absolutely willing to give him a pass in that aspect.

When I look at the Rangers, I see a poorly coached team. I see a lack of discipline, both in terms of players staying in position and taking silly penalties. I see a team that often plays as if they've never skated a game together (top line excluded) because of the overly frequent and often nonsensical lineup changes. I see a team that hold certain players accountable for poor games and mental mistakes (Nylander, Prucha) while letting other go largely unpunished (Malik, Hall). The team is often a walking contradiction. The things that I fail to see- discipline, accountability- are things that I feel the coach is responsible for. Many times in my life I've been in some ways involved with an unruly group who hates playing by the rules of anyone else, only to have a strong leader come in and coax everyone onto the same page. I'm not seeing that with Tom Renney.

And yet, at the end of the day, as you and Ola astutely note, we're winning. But then I ask myself, how much better could we be with a stronger coach? Could we have avoided the seven game skid? Would we be winning the Atlantic, rather than trailing the Devils? Would we know how to play with a lead? Would Malik still be a joke on skates getting 20:00 a night? And the answer is: who knows? But I'm not content with the way the team has performed under Tom, because I honestly feel they are capable of much better.

That being said, while I want Renney gone, I certainly think he deserves to finish out the season and show us what he can do. I think mid-season coaching changes, meant to "shake things up," often do more harm than help. But come next season, unless we've (in my opinion) miraculously made it out of the first round and won a Cup, I'd like to see more of a disciplinarian installed as head coach. If we're not going to rebuild in the truest sense, then we need to get this kicked into high gear within the next two seasons, while we still have Jagr, Straka and Shanny. I simply see too many flaws in Renney the coach to believe that he can take us all the way.

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