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12-11-2013, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
The love affair with former home-grown players is so ridiculous.

"The identity build with AA..." Really? Really?

A 35 point 2nd/3rd line center who while had some intelligence on the defensive side of the puck, was a complete pushover otherwise?

This guy was part of the "identity" of this team? My memory might be a little foggy, but off the top of my head I can think of more times of him getting utterly destroyed skating with his head down than any other big impact play he made.

And Dubinsky as this provider of poise, being able to step up when other guys didn't? LOL. Guy was the single most inconsistent player this team has had since Kovalev. Is he a player that can score ~50 points playing 1st line minutes and PP1? Yes, but so can a lot of people that have left this team with far less remembrance (PA Parenteu, for one).

The problem with this team still lies with the two main problems of the Sather era: Inability to build a true 1st line, and inability to identify low cost 4th liners that don't end up hurting the team, either with low skill or high contract. It's not letting this mid line tweeners go.

Making the trade for Nash was the right move, because 40 goal potential doesn't grow on trees. Cheap depth is obtainable in this league. The problem lies in the fact that Richards has been an utter bust, and this team has not developed another winger with first line skill since Kovalev.

Letting Prust leave was the right move also, regardless of the "chemistry" impact, because it's asinine to give that contract to that type of player. The issue isn't letting him leave though, it's thinking guys like Pyatt, Asham, Brashear, etc, etc can fill a similar role.

The generation of Callahan/Girardi/Staal/Dubinsky/etc had some good moments, but it's time to move on.

The entire current captain staff should be cleared out this offseason, C given to McD and an A to Stepan, let the team decide the other.

Good teams stay good by knowing when it's smart to still fold their hands, not wait for the bust at the river to tell them that.
You're discrediting the benefits of having a team grow up together/play together for years. Theres something to be said from that - it benefits the team both on and off the ice.

This isn't baseball.

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