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01-08-2007, 01:33 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Edge View Post
I saw Hollweg as a guy who could score 10-15 goals, 20-30 points in the NHL but I am just amazed at how that hasn't materialized. Yeah he's the youngest player on the team, but he's still a guy who is 23 going on 24 sometime in the first half of the year you expect at least something.

What's really scary is just how valuable he'd be if he could add scoring. Not a lot of scoring, but just 10 goals and 10 assists even.
We both saw Hollweg in the same vein and why I am a tad disappointed that he hasn't generated anything.... But it could be that he (and Renney, that's the big one) is so hell bent on hitting and being in the right position for defense all the time that offense is so damn hard to generate for him..Again, even by accident, he should have a point or two...That being said, I still think he can hit those expectations if he gets his game together....

part of the reason for saying that is that we haven't heard a word from Renney about Hollweg's need to generate offense nor any of his mamby-pamby nursing and confidence building that he and the entire Ranger organization is always showing Hossa..Which makes me think, Hollweg is carrying out Renney's orders to a TEE--and his significant ice time at points would reflect this....

And totall agree with you on how valuable a checker and hitter like Hollweg could be when throwing in 8-10 goals...Hoefully, in time..

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