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01-08-2007, 02:51 PM
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I think the biggest reason for why we didn't have a throughout rebuild is because there are never any gaurantees.

If we did that, and lost a lottery, got a 1st overall the wrong year, lost a high draft pick to injurys and stuff like that, it easily goes on 6/7/8 years. If we look some at the the "worst" teams over the years a majority of em didn't suck for 3 years, Atlanta have yet to make a PO's for example, the same with Columbus, and a few others.

The harm that could have been made, at the best maybe 10 straight years without a PO's, and maybe up to 14-15 straight season without the PO's, could potentially be extremely big. We never really became that much of a laughing stock with 7, there were still some excitement with the big UFA's ect to keep the fans exciteted a few month per season atleast...

On Renney and coaching in general, I defenitly belives that Renney have allot of things to prove as a coach. But I don't agree with the timming.

There is a time you stock pile, and there is a time you squeze out everything.

I look at it like we are building on so many levels. We are building a identity in the organization, on all levels. We are creating a system and establishing it. We are building a enviorment were kids can come in and get a fair chance with decent support. We have to bring in the kids at the right time, and make sure that we pay attention to them before they get to the NHL.

I like Renney in that enviorment. And I expect the work we started last season to go on for atleast 3 more years, which is a very reasonable timeframe.

But I can defenitly understand the wishes for a kickass coach at times too, its just that I think we are too fragile as a team for it to payoff, and I also think the timming is wrong.

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