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12-11-2013, 04:22 PM
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Originally Posted by chuck1984 View Post
(should be you're. 1st correction is on the house lol)

It's not only my opinion, it's most the pros on NHL network, TSN, Sportsnet etc...but ya, they're all wrong.

Can you honestly tell me, looking at their development and where they are at this exact point, that you would still pick Yaks before Gally?

And to be honest, I had picked Yaks in my fantasy pool this year, dumped him and picked up Gally 3 weeks in and trust me I'm very happy about that move!

Either way, here's to The Stanley Cup coming back to Canada! (Except Toronto lol)
Again, you're only looking at a 30 game window to make your decision on which player is better. Last year, Yakupov had a better point total, and IMO was the better player. He's had a bad start to the year, but it's way to premature to say he's be surpassed after only 30 games.

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