Thread: PGT: Habs lose 6-0 to LA
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12-11-2013, 05:06 PM
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Originally Posted by nwofoxhound View Post
Kings fan here in peace. Other than this game, you guys have been great. What baffles me is your coaches decision to sit Murray this game. Sure he's slow and lumbering, but he's HUGE and you could have used him - perplexed. Oh and the 3rd goal shouldn't have counted, but I guess that doesn't matter TBH. Not sure where the "lop sided reffing" post are coming from, esp. when we only had like 2-3 PPs?

By the way, one of the main reasons (IMO) we lost to Chicago last year is because we were dead by the time we got to that series. Anyone who watched the St. Louis and San Jose series would know that. It was a grinder for sure. Half a dozen nagging injuries and 13 games later we were ripe for the taking against a very good Chicago team. Anyways, wish you guys the best.
If you want to be perplexed even more, go to the Murray thread on this board where there are a vocal number of fans who want to unload Murray.

I wish we had your coach here in Montreal. His systems are extremely sound. See you in the Finals.

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