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12-11-2013, 09:55 PM
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Since it was asked, Striiker:

That's how I'm seeing it right now, too. I'd say the Vinny was also playing pretty well when he wasn't injured, with the exception of a couple pretty poor turnovers/defensive plays. I also don't agree with a lot of the B.Schenn hate. People keep saying he's "invisible" but he's not exactly playing with some playmakers who are giving him chances to score. A lot of the time when he has a chance he buries it. nobody ever responds when I say it so I'm curious about you think, I really want Schenn to be given an opportunity on the 1st line with Giroux for a while.
Lecavalier is very disappointing on the face-off circle which is a big minus about him considering one of the big appeals of the signing was his face-off ability. Without it all he has is some offensive production since he's a liability with two-way play often enough and he's in and out of the lineup. So it's hard to be happy with him either overall.

The thing about Schenn is that he really is invisible out there. People refer to eye tests because it's an easy way to tell when a player makes bad mistakes or great plays. Schenn is never making either it seems. The eye test is the same thing that let me know Giroux was going to be great before he was great and putting up points on paper. The eye test also let me (and others obviously) let me know that Couturier is a big part of this team and a special player despite his lack of appearing on the score or stat sheet. I could go on, but you get the point. People refer to Schenn's point production constantly, but coming from a guy that watches just about every game (myself) and many others he doesn't seem to do anything to a be a big contributor to it. Sometimes players get "lucky" for lack of a better term with scoring and that seems to be happening with Schenn. I wasn't a fan of him before we acquired him and I'm still not, but he most definitely have the best ability to finish chances in the slot out of our entire lineup.

Normally Schenn would be worth trying with Giroux and I really don't know why it hasn't been tried yet, but it's a pretty big desperation move in reality. If you move him that makes a pretty non-existent second line considering that Lecavalier is out and we can't break up the Couturier line for now (if they don't get back to dominating form then we can talk about it). People don't talk about it, but our forward prospect pool is extremely weak and has been for a long while. It's why we're arguing about whether guys like McGinn, Straka, or Akeson should be called up over each other and why Raffl is on a scoring line. It's also why if we move Schenn to Giroux it's just going to put a big onus on the Couturier line and Giroux line to produce while we have two other lines that are just complete messes.

So, even if this sounds defeatist or overly negative, I don't care. Kind of doomed if you do, doomed if you don't. It is puzzling why Schenn hasn't been moved off the second line at any point though. Pretty much every player besides him has been tested around the lineup.

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