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12-11-2013, 10:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
I'm not going to talk about the numerous flaws with the lineup as I pointed them out and got mad about them very early on in the season. I'm also pretty apathetic with it right now so I don't care as much.

However, I'm not a fan of Berube anymore. I was giving him a chance before, but this was it for me. We have the Chicago Blackhawks today and then Montreal Canadiens tomorrow and he makes the complete opposite decision that he should and decided to start Emery against Chicago and Mason against Montreal (presumably). To top it off when Emery starting inevitably backfires he puts Mason in way after the game is already lost with only less then a period to go and now we have a game tomorrow against an Eastern opponent and both our goalies played tonight and didn't do well.

His lineup decisions are also ****ing maddening and nonsensical. When he got hired he went on and on about accountability but that's proven to be complete crap by now. Rosehill and Rinaldo can do as much stupid crap as they want or bring as little to the game as possible yet he thinks it's fine to not bench them and even play them at the same time. Those two shouldn't be playing at the same time even when they are playing well and not doing stupid stuff. Then Meszaros is the Golden Boy apparently and despite having no future and never playing well he can't get a ticket out of the lineup. Meanwhile our own homegrown young talent with the skillset that is much more usable gets sat for having a few turnovers in one game and can't buy a ticket into the lineup.

Also, what in the **** was the Gill signing for? Like, does anyone besides me even remember that he's signed and on the roster technically? That must be the easiest ****ing paycheck ever. Just fly in airplanes and watch hockey games in a press box my God.
Yet again, I agree. I had faith in Berube at first but his lineup decisions, lack of fixing lines, and just overall bad judgement has made me start to question if he's a good coach.

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