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12-11-2013, 10:18 PM
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I hate when people comment on leadership. Like any of us know who the **** is a good leader and who isn't. Leadership refers to a player's ability to motivate a team and lead the charge. Thing is though this is a team game with 20 or so man rosters so no one player is going to change how a team performs regardless of a stitched on letter on their jersey.

None of us are in the lockerroom or know Giroux personally. None of us have the right to comment on his leadership even though some feel like they do. All I know is that he's our best natural scorer and still manages to put up respectable offensive numbers over the course of any given season as well as the fact that I've never heard one player or staff member or even vague source claim that Giroux is a cancer or a bad leader. Saying otherwise is pure speculation and just bias plain and simple.

I'm tired of the ****ing leadership criticism. It's the same crap that Richards and Carter got and they seem to do perfectly damn well elsewhere. They've both even won a Cup on the same team since leaving. Giroux giving motivational speeches or defying the crap play of the likes of Hartnell to put up even a PPG isn't going to change how weak our top six is, the baffling lineup decisions by the coach, or the mistakes the GM has made.

**** annoys me.

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I see what you're saying. I think everyone has come to terms with the fact that Schenn is never becoming a superstar like advertised, but I still want to see him on the first line for a while just to see what happens. The second line would be pretty dead but it's not like it was really working to begin with. If it doesn't work with Schenn on the first line then there's really no difference, but if it does then I'd rather have only two good lines than one good line and two merely OK lines. Yes, it would be a desperation move, but what do they have to lose?At this point I'm in favor of anything that removes Hartnell from the first line so they at least have chance.

The forward prospect pool is pretty horrible outside of Laughton, and like I said before, I'm not under the impression that Straka or Akeson would be successful here. I just think there's nothing to lose by giving them the chance that McGinn has done nothing with.
I get it and if I still cared I'd want all those moves to happen to, but as is I'm apathetic like I said and I really don't think any of that is going to change what we have. Regardless of where the players are shifted around the weaknesses are still there.

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