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12-11-2013, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by StoneHands View Post
Actually I didn't ever say that. I said he's a 5-6. That's the problem with these boards. Players are either legends or they suck. There's no in between and if someone suggests it they're shunned and made out to be an idiot.
Just like that time I suggested Gustafsson might, just might, be better than Streit defensively.
I specifically said that Gus is an NHL defenseman but that he's a 5-6. Unfortunately we have a ton of 5-6 defenseman. The same way that people talk about Mez like he's an ECHL defenseman. Everything is exaggerated to the extreme.
Gus, right now, is a solid bottom-pairing defenseman. And with a little experience, maybe he becomes a little better. Maybe he doesn't. We know he will not get better without that experience, ice-time which we're currently (and unjustifiably) throwing in the direction of Meszaros and Streit who have no additional upside. They are what they are at this stage. That's what has me perturbed -- not that we're pissing away another opportunity to attempt to develop a defenseman.

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