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Originally Posted by Esa 10 View Post
To paraphrase Marty McSorley: "You can't teach a player to be a tough guy." Jessiman comes from a college background, fighting isn't a part of that game. Sure he has size, but so did Toms and does Malik. At this point I look at Hugh as a lost cause more than anything.
Chris Nilan played at Northeastern
Jay Miller played at Univ. of New Hampshire
George Parros played at PRINCETON
Jim Cummins played at Michigan State
I could go on all day. There have been plenty of guys who are not only tough, but made their careers primarily as fighters who came through the college ranks. I do agree however, that I don't see Jessiman all the sudden turning into a tough guy.

As far as HJ being a lost cause...

Kevin Stevens didn't play full time in Pittsburgh until he was TWENTY SIX.
Shane Doan didn't break 20 goals until he was TWENTY FOUR.
Mike Knuble didn't play a full season until he was 26 and didn't break the 20 goal mark until he was THIRTY.

The Lessonower forwards need time to develop.

Jessiman is 22, going on 23. Have some freaking patience. If he's a lost cause, then why worry about him? The only thing he's costing the organization is a contract spot and some cash. What would you give up for Doan or Knuble? If you could just wait 2 or three years and have that type of player come up through your system, isn't it worth the wait? He's frustrating, but only if you let him be. Forget about him. Pretend he's a mushroom and put him away in a dark spot, and see what he turns into. He may just be a wasted pick, but at this point, we aren't getting the pick back so we may as well wait it out and see what we have.

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