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01-25-2004, 12:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Splatman Phanutier
Once again, way to argue instead of explaining why you had to comeback with insults.

I explained my stance above, and you didn't even bother responding to that. Thanks for turning an already pathetic thread down a notch.

So first, I get accused of hurling insults instead of arguments, but the moment I argue, I'm wrong for doing so? I didn't take the thread down any further. Remember, you started all this by wrongly attacking nmk's reading ability (in an ironic twist, it was your lack of reading comprehension that lead to your insult). You brought all your whining upon yourself.

Any why respond to said post? Because you weren't quoting me. And I thought we should stick slavishly to the 'quote' system and never infer that someone was possibly referring to text/persons outside the offset quote.

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