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01-25-2004, 12:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Splatman Phanutier
For christ sake, do you even know what you're arguing?

I'm not whining here, I'm telling you to respond to the post rather than backup your insult. What don't you get about that? Is reading comprehension really a problem for you? It seems like you are on here 24/7, I'm sure you can find time to figure out what the initial response was (Hint: nmk's last reply was to it). Does that help?

You attack my insult and I'm going to back it up. What's the problem with that? It was a harmless jab that rubbed you the wrong way. I'm not going to hang my words out to dry.

You insulted nmk, I insulted back. You insulted me. I insulted back. I don't see what's so hard. I don't really care what else was said by nmk afterwards. That is not my argument and never was. I responded to your initial attack on nmk. That's it. Everything else between us was a spinoff of that attack. I don't have to read anything else. I have my reference material.

And does it help? Who are you trying to help? Me or you? And on that note, I'm ending my side of the discussion. I've said my peace.

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