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12-12-2013, 08:16 AM
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One flaw in my skating- turning right..

My skating ability is great except for turning right...this one thing is preventing me from taking that next step to skating even better.

I do not feel confident in turning right quickly (example to turn around and back check) I usually always turn left because i can do it far greater than turning right. I can turn with great agility and quickness left..but turning right...I can't dig in as much it feels and I'm slower at it.

This is really annoying, is it a balance thing? Most people don't notice it because I'm usually one of the best skaters out there..but this part of my game needs to be improved.

I know I need to practice, but is this a balance problem? Not using my blades properly? I think it comes down to not leaning on the right foot (the inside foot) properly, but I do the exact same thing (or so I think) as the left..

This problem also affects my stopping while turning right..not that great also.

Long story short I'm not as agile turning right as I would like..any tips?

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