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12-12-2013, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Phil Parent View Post
Project is viable. Private sector assumes cost of buying team in full, but gov' would need to pay for 66% of the stadium. Private sector would run the stadium, but gov would own it. Gov investement would be made up in full in 8 years via taxes and fiscality, and then would be profitable. Full project costs: roughly 1B. Team costs 525M, stadium 500M.

Stadium would have 36000 seats. Potential sites include Griffintown, the old Forum area, the Montreal's Children's Hospital area & the Montreal Hippodrome.

Team comes first, before the stadium. No team, no stadium. Team in the American League to foster natural rivalries with Toronto, New York, Boston.

Team would have payroll along league average.

Team would benefit from revenue sharing, but not that much.

70% of people surveyed would support it and be willing to pay 50$+ for tickets.

81% of businessmen surveyed would support it.

Cromartie says "We're in the ball game, and now we need a power hitter to clean up here."

Meaning a deep-pocketed investor...

Say, isn't there a major media conglomerate who just got knocked flat on its ass by the NHL who could use some prime programming...?
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