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12-12-2013, 12:08 PM
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Originally Posted by jeff leonard View Post
Are we really doing this? I haven't even seen close to every game this year that this disgraceful team has played, but in the games I did see, I've seen him hit post like three times, and I've seen at LEAST five great chances that he's set up only to have inept linemates fail to finish on. Even now he accounts for enough offense and that great post by the apple guy basically summed it up.

What exactly do people want from him? If you think he isn't worth his contract, well. You weren't going to get a guy like him for 7 million. Another team would, and then we'd be worse, even if Laughton is looking fine. Yes, Couturier looks better right now- but Couturier has better linemates and is a REALLY, REALLY good hockey player. Like if he gets any better, you're looking at more than one selke trophy in his career.

I just don't understand how you look at the team, then G's linemates, then his shooting percentage right now and think "he's washed up and those injuries have destroyed him and he was never that good anyways", especially when Hartnell is playing sub-NHL level hockey right now.

Yes. Thank you.

I really don't get how people can claim this is the "real" Giroux and the guy who was amazing for several seasons was some sort of illusion.

He's currently the only offensively dynamic guy on the roster. Want to shut down the Flyers? Kill his line...and his line, with an extinct Vorasaur and Mr. Vespa, is absurdly killable; it's essentially Giroux vs 6 Dudes. This is a team with a shutdown line that can chip in, and a top line with two wingers who are sucking badly. The second line without Vinny is a nonfactor because Schenn's chief export is disappointment. Opposing teams need only worry about 4 players in the forward group...the Couturier line and Giroux. It's no surprise he's struggling, he has zero support.

Gretzky in his prime couldn't make Hartnell useful...unless he told him to stand next to the net and started banking pucks into the goal off his face. Voracek has at least started to show some of the awesomeness he had last year, but it's too inconsistent to believe he's actually going to trend upwards.

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