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12-12-2013, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Yukon Cornelius View Post
Gustafsson? Him, Mez and Schenn are interchangeable defensively. They all crumble horribly under the slightest pressure and forecheck.

Rosehill knows his role and knows it well. He's simply a 4th liner who's asked of, in his 4 min/per game, not be scored against and to swing the momentum when needed. While Rinaldo has taken some suspect penalties of late, at least he brings some energy and passion to the ice which is more than I can say for our supposed top 2 scoring lines and namely our Captain. If you want to hold someone accountable, don't go after 3rd and 4th liners and bottom pairing defenseman, aim your criticism where it belongs, at the "Stars", at the contracts, at the supposed leaders of this team.

That mentality, while not in vogue right now and for lack of a better term, is the lifeblood of the farm and has won us 2 Championships, brought us to the Pinnacle countless times and fueled the last 4 Cup Winners.
Those two championships almost 40 years ago you mean? Under a completely different era of play and completely different form of the NHL?

I'm also really curious how Rosehill is supposed to swing momentum so well in four minutes of ice-time. I'm also curious why having Rosehill's momentum swinging abilities, Rinaldo's passion, and Meszaros'...whatever he does didn't help us last game at all.

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