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OT: Oilers stick signatures

Hey guys, I have a Jeff Norton game used stick he gave me after a game. I am trying to sell it on kijiji but am trying to find out what some of the signatures are. It was signed by a bunch of the Oilers after a game when me and my friend went into the dressing room. I tried to upload the picture of the stick with the signatures but it say the file is too big to upload. Any idea where I can get some help identifying some of the signatures?

I think the year was 1997 or 1998 and it was against Montreal or Toronto. I remember Joseph, Mironov, Weight, Marchment, Steve Kelly, Debrousk, Grier, Mcammond and Czerkawski were there. Arnott was there as well but was on crutches I think from a Bobo Mironov slap shot. Kevin Lowe was there too but didn't dress I remember him telling me it was an ear infection or something but I could be wrong. I remember Steve Kelly was wearing a suit and talked to me for quite a while but being really young I didn't know if he was a player/media guy or what and wasn't sure if I should ask for his signature. I finally did and saw the Kelly on the signature and was like oh..Steve Kelly. He spent quite a bit of time talking to me and my friend and I remember that I wasn't paying much attention because I wanted to go and get other players' signatures and was just thinking to myself...when is this guy going to stop blabbing on and on lol but I must say he was a really nice guy.

Another funny story was when getting Czerkawski's signature he had a towel wrapped around him and was holding it in one hand and had a set of grapes in the other. I was about 10 years old and asked him for a signature. So having the set of grapes in one hand he used his other hand to sign the stick or hockey card I can't remember. In doing that he let go of the towel to sign it and the towel fell off and me and my friend had a laugh at him sitting there naked. Debrousk was really nice as was Mcammond and Grier. Didn't get a chance to speak much to the other guys but did mention to Bobo that I had seen him fishing before on the Saskatchewan River at a spot me and my friend often went to and had a laugh with him.

Anyways any feedback would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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